Monica Szaflik



Height: 5'4 1/2 

Weight: 135

Dress Size: 4

Hair:  Auburn Brunette

Eyes: Olive / Lime Green

Vocal Type: Lyric Soprano / Belter - Low E to High B
Degree: BA Musical Theatre, North Central College, Naperville, IL
Location: Chicago, IL
(Willing to travel)



ADDAMS FAMILY THE MUSICAL                                       Grandma Addams                                                     William Street Rep - Kevin Wiczer-Leist

ANNIE                                                                                   Grace                                                                           Rising Stars Theatre - Brandon Rhame

RAGS TO WITCHES                                                             Dr. Extraordinaria                                                      Ragdale Foundation - Will S. Rogers

STRANGE TAILS                                                                   Suzy Cat & Akalina Sea Witch (Voice & Puppet)   Ragdale Foundation - Will S. Rogers

BULLETS OVER BROADWAY                                              Helen Sinclair & Atta Girl Dancer                            Nightblue Theatre - Kevin Bellie ​

THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE WIZARD OF OZ                    U/S for Dorothy & Toto                                            House Theatre - Tommy Rapley

UNDERSTUDY CABARET 2017                                          Elphaba in Wicked & Cathy in Last Five Years      Metropolis PAC - Holly Marshall & Jon Stombres

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE - THE RADIO PLAY                   Sally Applewhite                                                        Metropolis PAC - Kevin Wiczer-Leist

YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN                                                    Ensemble / u/s Frau Blucher                                   Metropolis PAC - Robin Hughes

RENT                                                                                     Joanne Jefferson / u/s Maureen Johnson             Metropolis PAC - Lauren Rawitz

JEEVES AT SEA                                                                      u/s Lady Stella & Miss Pilbeam                              First Folio Theatre - Alison Vesely

A CHRISTMAS CAROL                                                         Mrs. Fezziwig / Past / Quartet / u/s Mrs. C (Perf) Metropolis PAC - Micky York

NUNSENSE                                                                           Sister Mary Amnesia                                                Fox Valley Rep - Brigitte Ditmars

THE LAST FIVE YEARS                                                          u/s Cathy                                                                   Metropolis PAC - Lauren Rawitz

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK                                              Margot Frank                                                            Metropolis PAC - Kevin Wiczer-Leist

ALADDIN                                                                               Princess Zenovia                                                      Provision Theatre - Priscilla Hummel

SLEEPING BEAUTY                                                               Ruby the Red Fairy                                                   Provision Theatre - Priscilla Hummel

THE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE...TOOMEY (2011 & 2012)     Margaret Tate / Rebecca Toomey / u/s Sarah      Provision Theatre - Tim Gregory

THE PASSION OF DRACULA                                               Wilhelmina Murray                                                  First Folio Theatre - Alison Vesely

SNAPSHOTS                                                                          u/s Susie                                                                   Northlight Theatre - Ken Sawyer & Stephen Schwartz

AVENUE Q*                                                                           Lucy the Slut / Mrs. Thistletwat                             Nightblue Theater - David Walters

ALIEN QUEEN / ALIEN QUEEN THE CONCERT**            Newt / Bambert / Jonesy / Lead Puppeteer          Scooty and Jojo Show - Scott Bradley

STATUS - THE 48 HOUR MUSICALS                                   Adolescent Isabelle                                                  The Music Theatre Company - Alan Paul

THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS                     Ruby Rae                                                                    Circle Theatre - Kevin Bellie

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK                                              u/s Margot / Miep                                                     Metropolis PAC - Brian Rabinowitz

AFTER DUSK BUT BEFORE DAYLIGHT                               u/s Rosalie / Victoria                                                Metropolis PAC - Scott Woldman

RENT                                                                                      Mimi Marquez                                                           Halo Prod. at Paramount - Angelique Goitia-Daugherty

JEKYLL AND HYDE                                                                Lucy Harris                                                                Bohemian Theatre Ensemble - Stephen Genovese

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD                                                 Snow White / Dorothy Gale                                    Chicago Kids Company - Jesus Perez

SLEEPING BEAUTY                                                               u/s Sleeping Beauty (Performed)                          Chicago Kids Company - Jesus Perez

CINDERELLA                                                                         Ensemble                                                                   Wagon Wheel Theatre - Roy HInes

THE JUNGLE BOOK                                                              Akeela / Chil                                                               Alphabet Soup Productions - Marc Pence

PIRATES OF PENZANCE                                                       Featured Ensemble                                                  Music By The Lake - Christine Flasch

ANNIE                                                                                    Ronnie Boylan                                                           Jedlicka Performing Arts Centre - Dante Orfe

MALT SHOP MEMORIES                                                      Joanie                                                                         Bearcreek Resort - Laurie Schotz

JEKYLL AND HYDE                                                                Emma Carew                                                             Summer Place Theatre - Jim Heatherly

A CHRISTMAS CAROL                                                          Christmas Present / Mrs. Dilber                             Prairie Fire Children's Theatre - Ben Ratkowski

CINDERELLA                                                                         Stepmother / Fairy Godmother                              Prairie Fire Children's Theatre - Ben Ratkowski

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST                                                    Serafina - Queen of the Gypsies                            Prairie Fire Children's Theatre - Ben Ratkowski

VOYAGE OF THE LITTLE MERMAID                                    Puppeteer - Carmen Track                                      Walt Disney World Resort - Jeff Conover

INTO THE WOODS                                                               Lucinda                                                                       Look Theatre - Heather Hutchinson

THE REMEMBERER+                                                             Joyce                                                                           North Central College - Deborah Palmes

MY FAIR LADY                                                                       Eliza Doolittle                                                             North Central Summer Theatre - Brian Lynch

EVITA                                                                                      The Mistress                                                              North Central Summer Theatre - Brian Lynch




Film / Television / Voiceover

THROWING SHADE                                                          Voiceover: Rakete, Esther, Mama Kane etc.  Eclectic Full Contact Theatre / Live Radio & Podcast

NIGHTHAWKS                                                                   Dana the Flight Attendant (Supporting)        Brittany Polin / DePaul College Short Film

CXL (140)                                                                            Zyra (Supporting)                                             Jordan Blazak / Columbia College Short Film

DR LIEBENSTEIN                                                               Renee (Supporting)                                          Erik Karl / Energetic Films

CATHEDRAL OF THE NORTH SHORE                             Soundtrack Vocalist                                          Michael Jolls / Wobbles Carleton Productions

AMERICAN SLICE                                                              Party Girl Victoria                                              Julian Grant / Escape Films

MELODY AND THE OLD SOCK                                       Old Sock (Lead)  (Post Production)                 Scott Feigen / Atomic Puppy Studios

6 RULES                                                                             Kimberly (Lead)                                                 Michael Jolls / Wobbles Carleton Productions

FAMILY SECRETS                                                              The Daughter (Lead)                                         Alex St John / St. John Pictures

THE CHERRY BLOSSOM                                                   Alex (Lead)                                                         Stephen James Tuplin / Tuplin Productions

BENEATH THE HORIZON                                                 Shannon (Supporting)                                     Chris Emmons / Kilo Productions   

SPOOKED - Pilot                                                               Receptionist                                                       Casey Campbell – Brothers Campbell Productions

THE WOLVES ARE CALLING                                            Amy (Supporting)                                              Independent Short Film

THE EXPRESS                                                                    Featured Extra: Dancer / Bar Patron             Universal Studios

THE LAKE HOUSE                                                             Featured Extra: Waitress                                 Warner Bros Productions

CONTAGION                                                                      Extra: Park Mob                                                Warner Bros Productions

THE BREAK UP                                                                  Extra: Club Dancer                                           Universal Studios
THE SCOOP                                                                       Host                                                                    WRHS TV - Local Origination Programming
RIDGEWOOD REPORTERS                                               Anchor / Reporter                                            WRHS TV - Local Origination Programming
JACK FM WRHS 89.7 FM                                                   Voiceover Announcer                                      Radio


Puppetry: Hand, Single Rod, Double Rod, Ventriloquist Dummy, some Marionette, some Shadow, some Bunraku

Dialects:  RP English, Cockney, Italian, German, Mid Transatlantic and Various American Accents

Cartwheels, Whistling, AMAZING with Kids, Disney Princess Training, Intermediate Piano

Random Supernatural Knowledge, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Batman Nerd. 

Training / Awards / Education

** WINNER - Broadway World Best Theatrical Event,  *Jeff Nomination - Best Musical,  + Irene Ryan Nomination
Degree:    B.A. in Musical Theatre from North Central College Naperville, minor in History of Ideas - graduated cum laude
Voice:        Carolyn Brady Riley & Lisa Saunderson         Puppetry:  Jeff Conover (Puppet Master WDW)       
Acting:       Saren Nofs-Snyder, Susan Gosdick, Brian Lynch, Carin Silkaitis, Belinda Bremner, Ray Frewen
Dance:      Tap, Musical Theatre, Jazz, some Ballet, (Joel Hall, Lou Conte and Giordano Dance Studios)

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